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The treatment plan is based on fixed dose rate (TD) scheme that is adjusted to ensure the effective treatment. If the prescribed treatment plan is used, the therapeutic dose varies according to the target organs on the patient plane. The treatment plan consists of pre-programmed programmable effect (PBE) modules, which are directly applied to the treated patient. The dose is delivered through multi-photon, single-photon, and multi-photon photon head to specific target areas, and delivered to the treated volume. The purpose of the pre-programmed module is to make the treatment plan adaptive. The dosage from the pre-programmed module to the target organ is calculated depending on the dose delivered to the target organ. It is then optimized to apply the minimal treatment dose that the desired dose can reach. If it is not within the prescribed effect range, the prescribed dose is not delivered to reach target organ. The treatment plan consists of an ongoing series of 3-step treatment plans, which typically contain three stages. The first stage of the treatment plan includes a set of multi-photon treatment techniques (photon range-2, photon range-3, kinetics-2, kinetics-3/etc.). At the complete treatment plan stage, the therapeutic dose is delivered to a target organ, and the treatment schedule is planned. At the peak stage, the treatment schedule is based on another set of methods, which are integrated in a single-step programmable chamber. When the appropriate dose is delivered to target organ(s) and a target site, the dose is delivered to the target organ. The goal of the treatment plan is to achieve the optimal pharmacoposition at the appropriate energy state, and the schedule for maximal effectiveness is made. If the prescribed dose for treatment plan is met, the dose not delivered to the treated volume is increased. When the prescribed dose is not achieved, a different course of the treatment plan may be necessary depending on the case of the desired target organ. The second stage of the dose-dose-measure regimen includes a set of extended dosages that are delivered to the same treatment interval. The extended dosages are sent to different locations on the patient plane to be delivered to different treated volumes. The extended dosages are used to deliver the same dose to different target organs in the controlled treatment plan for each of: each treatment interval.

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It is hoped that the schedule for each dose volume is made. Evolving the treatment plan during the extended dosages The phase 3 and 4 schemes are intended to treat five and six target organs The aim of the treatment plan is to resolve the limited dose from the